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Coagulation Analyzer TECO

Welcome to TECO, a company that specializes in blood coagulation / hemostasis.TECO develops, manufactures and markets the latest generation of coagulation monitoring, especially suitable for doctors, practices and hospital laboratories. TECO also is with the full spectrum of blood coagulation and Haemostasisreagents.

® M1

Blood coagulation instrument for clotting, chromogenic and immunoturbidimetric methods. 1 measuring channel, quarter volume of sample and reagent.

جهاز لعمل تحاليل التجلط البروثرومبين 
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السعر 6800 جنيه مصرى

للاستفسار و الطلبات
د/عماد حمدى
شركة بيست لاب
002 0115691983

.1 channel fully optical measurement
• with sunlight reduction
• Clotting, chromogenic or immunturbidimetric
• Quantitative D-Dimer
• Micro volumes (total 75 μL)
• Small dimension and weight
• Easy operation
• Highly reliable & long-living
• Autosense optics to eliminate
interferences like Bilirubin, Hemoglobin,
• Approved clotting algorithm with biphasic
waveform analysis
• Automatic start at reagent addition
• 3 point calibration curve for each test
• 1 Stop-watch function onboard
• Double determination
• Optional external thermal printer
• Linking to Laboratory Information
Systems such as TECO TECAM
Available Tests
PT Prothrombin Time
APTT Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time
TT Thrombin Time
FIB Fibrinogen
FAC Factor
AT3 chromogeniee Antithrombin
PC chromogenic Protein-C
ECAT Ecarin Chromogenic Assay for Thrombin
ECAH Ecarin Chromogenic Assay for Hirudin
DD quantitative D-Dimer (immunturbidimetric)
Available dimensions
Seconds, INR, %, U (mg/dL or ng/mL)

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