Thursday, February 24, 2011


Designed for the purpose of routine clinical bio-chemistry tests, coagulation time tests.
Hermetic solid-state optical system, low contamination of dust and dampness, long life
time of hard membrane filters than soft ones.
Light splitting after cuvette, separate signal amplifier for each wavelength, filters select
completed electronically, no mechanical movements, fast measurement and precise
results, especially useful for bichromatic measurements.
Dedicated membrane keyboard, menu selective with operating guiding. Check on the
instrument status at any time with self-test function.
Back-light 240-128 matrix LCD, character, ASC code and curve simultaneously
displayed, readable even if in the dim light.
Displaying in English.
Thermal printer, 58mm, fast speed and low noise, optional external printer.
Test methodology: end-point (absorbance, linear concentration, nonlinear concentration,
with bichromatic test), fixed time, kinetic, coagulation time test.
Light source: Tungsten halogen lamp, life time 2000 hr.
Optical system: 6 hard membrane filters, 340 405 505 546 578 630nm, wavelength
precision ±2nm.
Abs. range: 0-2.5000Abs, resolution: 0.0001Abs, drift<0.003Abs/hr after 10 minutes
warm up.
Real time clock displayed.
Precision: Abs=2.0000 CV<1%, Abs=0.5000 CV<0.5%
Temperature: PELITIER control, 25,30,32,37 ±0.1°C.
Cuvette: Mico-flow cell 25mL.
Power: 220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ, £80VA.
Standard Rs232 serial port.
Dimension: 420(L) 320(W) 170(H) mm
Weight: 11kg (gross), 10kg (net)


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